We provide products to optimize and manage IT infrastructures.

With our boutique style consulting and services we can drive the success of projects such as Migration to Office365 and consolidation of Domino servers.

We do this so well that our customers always reduce risk and costs.

Win – Win

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Essential Agent Master (EAM)

Is used by companies all over the world to find and solve a variety of NSF agent performance issues. Do you need help troubleshooting a scheduled agent that isn’t running? Are you tired of (or embarrassed by) finding out from end users that an agent isn’t working as designed? EAM frees you from being the last to know.

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Essential Tools (ET)

Essential Tools (ET) gives the ‘lock down’ oversight you need for Access Control List (ACLs) management. Essential Tools manages the new users through auto-registration and keeps the environment tight with identification of unused databases and/or any unreferenced mail accounts. New users are given just the right access level to all the right databases, making them productive from the minute the new users join our team. How is that for saving time?

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Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services by RPR Wyatt make all the
difference. Whether you are short on skillset, or a need for more hands during a Project, we can provide the required experience. But we think our Support Services also contribute to improved Managed Services for your Business and can be a great way to reduce costs and delays.

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RPR Wyatt Development Services

For 16 years RPR Wyatt, an IBM Advanced Business Partner, has been trusted to produce cornerstone solutions for visionary clients by leveraging a unique process called “listening”. RPR Wyatt’s approach to software development is to actually listen to the client and then harness various technologies to craft a robust solution that actually works as desired.

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Why RPR Wyatt?

  • Boutique style Service

  • Excellent products

  • Domino knowledge powerhouse

  • We reduce costs

  • Not more then you really need

  • We have been around 16 years…

RPR Wyatt is trusted by thousands of users worldwide

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